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English language program

This program is designed for students who look forward to improve their English language skills.

English language courses are offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Students sit for placement test before they start the course for them to be admitted to the course suitable to their level. Moreover, students admitted to the same level will be placed in a fully equipped classroom for the duration of the course.

Course are designed to enhance reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Arabic language program:

Arabic language courses being taught at confident steps learning center are considered amongst the best in the region. Throughout the program basic skills such as reading, writing, speaking, for all ages and levels are taught. Classes are given as either: one to one or as groups.

Arabic as a second language for non-native speakers:

This is program is designed to teach non- Arabic speakers the language of Arabic using exciting and interesting methods which would allow students to apply what they learned in their everyday lives. The program primarily focuses on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

The program focuses on 4 skills:

The program aims to improve 4 main skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Courses include using a range of technology, computers and fun activities and games which would depend on the level and age of students. Throughout the program groups of discussion would frequently take place; presentations about topics from daily life are particularly focused on.

Plus, writing practice is often a common task as well.

Field trips to cultural and educational places through the summer would allow students to have the opportunity to practice and improve their English language skills while at the same time allowing them to become more confident and no longer afraid or embarrassed of using the language.