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About The Trainer:

He has been in the educational field for over twenty-two years working formerly) as an IGCSE and A-Level Biology teacher and a coordinator in the Science Department for three years Head of the Science Department for grades 5 through 12.in an international school.

He has been involved in the preparation of departmental and curricular guides for national and international streams.

He became in charge of developing the school’s curriculum as well as being utilized by the Ministry of Education to develop the scientific curriculums in order to enhance the national standards and somehow match it With the international ones.

He became appointed as a College Counselor/Academic Advisor and an upper administrator. At the same time

Supervisor of the main test center in the country, hosting national and international students to administer the external SAT tests at the test center.

Consultant, coordinator, and trainer for the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT Subject Tests, SAT, SSD, and the AP, as well as providing a plethora of workshops to train the trainer across the board.

He has been a Team Member of the U.S. former CITA accreditation agency and later with the Advance-ED accreditation agency.


Title: Learn About the SAT®/SAT Subject Tests™ and the Jordanian Tawjihi


Target Audience: Teachers, coordinators

Length: 6hours

Workshop Goal: To demonstrate the general knowledge and skills needed to train the teachers on the External SAT Subject Tests offered by College Board in the United States and to demonstrate the correlation of testing to the Jordanian Ministry of Education for Equivalency purposes.

Description: The workshop will cover the general description of the SAT Subject Tests and the Jordanian Tawjihi equivalency to:

SAT Subject Tests Workshop Plan


  • Ask participants to identify themselves and their organizations (very quick introductions).
  • College readiness
  • Jordanian equivalency
  • Subjects offered by College Board
  • Number of questions versus the subject tests
  • Test Details
  • The difference between the SAT® and the SAT Subject Tests?
  • Which students should take the SAT Subject Tests?
  • What Tips Should I Give My Students Before the Test?
  • Suggested SAT Subject Tests Strategies
  • Educators’ Feedback
  • How Are the SAT Subject Tests Scored?
  • hat Is Score Choice™?
  • Answer sheet Template
  • SAT Test Details + Essay
  • Getting Ready for the SAT
  • Q&A